Embroidery Name Sticker Pack
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Product Name : Embroidery Name Sticker Pack - Marc
Product No : 01660190
Product Description

Fabric: Felt

Size: 4 x 1.6cm

Logo: 5 colors, 40% embroidery. 

Border: stitched border

Backing: stick-on or as per request.

Product Introduction

Our embroidery stickers  can  as small decorations on your own notebook, frames, albums, greeting cards.Our exquisite and stylish embroidered stick-on badges give special touch, and can be easily affixed to almost any surface.

Currently we have 30 names available, if you would like to have your own name designs, please contact us now!!


You can choose to use company logo, trademarks or slogans to create a perfect promotional gifts or premiums or even souvenirs.