PEACE-Embroidered Sticker Pack
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Product Name : PEACE-Embroidered Sticker Pack
Product No : 015Y0661-662-663
Product Description

Item 1: PEACE (symbol)
No.: 015Y0661
Size: 5.1x4.4cm
Logo: 100% embroidery coverage, 8 colors
Backing: stick-on

Item 2: PEACE (w/gesture)
No.: 015Y0662
Size: 4x3.5cm
Logo: 100% embroidery coverage, 3 colors.
Backing: stick-on

Item 3: PEACE (word)
No.: 015Y0663
Size: 5x1.5cm
Logo: 100% embroidery coverage, 6 colors.
Backing: stick-on

Packing: 3pcs/opp bag or by request.
MOQ: 100 sets  (1set=3pcs)

Product Introduction

Our exquisite & stylish embroidered stick-on badges which are giving a very special touch can be easily affixed to almost any surface.

Perfect for decorating your own notebook, frames, albums, greeting cards, monitor, tablet, tape dispenser, thermos bottle and so on.

Company logo, trademarks or slogans can be used to create great giveaways or premiums.