Smile Embroidered Sticker Packs
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Product Name : Smile Embroidered Sticker Pack
Product No : 015Y0439-015Y0440-015Y0441
Product Description

3PCS Embroidered Sticker Pack


No.: 015Y0439 
Size: Dia. 3cm
Logo: 100% embroidery coverage, 2 colors.
Backing: stick-on

Item 2: Smile Flag
No.: 015Y0440
Size: dia. 3cm

Logo: 100% embroidery coverage, 4 colors.
Backing: stick-on

Item 3: \'Smile\' 
No.: 015Y0441

Logo: 100% embroidery coverage, 3colors.
Backing: stick-on

Packing: 3pcs/opp bag or by request.
MOQ: 100 sets  (1set=3pcs)

Product Introduction

Smile always give people positive energy.

Our embroidery stickers  can  as a small decor on your own notebook, frames, albums, greeting cards.

Our exquisite and stylish embroidered stick-on badges give special touch, and can be easily affixed to almost any surface.

You can choose to use company logo, trademarks or slogans to create a perfect promotional gifts or premiums or even souvenirs.